Jazz Night in Bay Breeze  
When a breeze gently touches the tranquil summer night, Xi Lounge and Library Bar of Bay Breeze Hotel swing the graceful jazz. 6 selective fine wines for you to buy one and get one free. Come on! The beating notes and vintage wine are waiting for you here.
Location:Xi Lounge & Library Bar (1st Floor) Operation Hours:from 21:00 every night
Favorable Experience
  • Summer night
  • Xi Lounge
  • Library Bar
  • Graceful jazz
  • Wine
Nonpareil Delicacy – "Sashimi-Grade" Australian Jade Emperor  
3A Australian Jade Emperor, a nonpareil fish from the deep sea of Australia – jade perch, is named after its jade-like sleekness and gloss of its body under the sunshine.
RMB 988 (with 15% surcharge for the service fee) for 4 personsLocation:Bayside Restaurant (2nd floor ) Operation Hours:Till October 1
Favorable Experience
  • Australia
  • Jade perch
  • Fresh
  • Delicious flavor
  • Sashimi
  • Bayside Restaurant
Bay Breeze Happy Hour  
From now on, "Bay Breeze Happy Hour" will animate you on each Friday night and attract you to the joy and happy!
Location:Xi Lounge & Library Bar (1st Floor) Operation Hours:19:00-21:00 every Friday
Favorable Experience
  • Friday night
  • Chinese snacks
  • Western snacks
  • Delicate fruit dishes
  • local beer
  • Juice