Enjoy the Fun of Bay Breeze Summer  
Living in a room neighboring on OCT Wetland, Heart Lake, and herons; feasting your eyes on fireworks, swimming in the outdoor swimming pool, and enjoying a family time…This summer, let's embrace nature with Bay Breeze Hotel to leisurely spend the long holiday!
RMB 2388 + 15% surcharge for the service fee Operation Hours:July 1-August 31, 2013
Favorable Experience
  • OCT Wetland
  • Swimming pool
  • Family time
  • Yam-Cha breakfasts
  • Free WIFI
  • Free mini bar&coffee
Feast of Sea Cucumber  
According to the Compendium of Materia Medica, Sea Cucumber can warmly invigorate the human body which rivaling ginseng. It also has high nutritive value and is a typical high-protein and low-fat food, with the medical and health preserving functions, such as eliminating fatigue, delaying...
Location:Bayside Restaurant (2nd floor) Operation Hours:till August 31
Favorable Experience
  • Sea Cucumber
  • High-protein
  • Low-fat
  • Eliminating fatigue
  • Delaying senility
  • Improving immunity
Afternoon Tea @ Library Bar  
Located at the first floor of Bay Breeze Hotel, the Library Bar is an attractive place that bewitches the visitors into forgetting time. In this refined and peaceful atmosphere, you can browse through over 3000 books displayed in the quaint wooden bookcases with simplicity and elegance to...
RMB 158 (and 15% surcharge for the service fee)Location:Library Bar ( 1st Floor ) Operation Hours:12:00-19:00 every day
Favorable Experience
  • Library Bar
  • 3000 books
  • Wooden bookcases
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Chinese Tes
  • English tea
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Desserts
  • Fresh fruit
Cantonese Yam-Cha @ Bay Breeze  
In Guangdong, "Yam-Cha" means enjoying a beautiful morning time and leisurely feeling a joyful life, where people taste the special flavor of lifestyle with family and friends. To make a fresh and cool summer for you, Bay Breeze Hotel continues to offer dainty and traditional Cantonese ...
RMB 148/personLocation:Bayside Restaurant (2nd Floor) Operation Hours:10:00-12:00 every day
Favorable Experience
  • Yam-Cha
  • Cantonese dim-sum
  • Specific tea
  • Cantonese classics
  • Joyful life